Dining Room Reveal

The dining room had several rugs, a large dining room table, two buffets, drop leaf tables, and  built-ins…also cluttered with stuff. I had to move things out of the way just to create a path to the kitchen when I first looked at the place.

dining room edit1

It took about three weeks to get rid of enough stuff in the house so we actually had room to work. Many look at these pictures and see junk, and admittedly I’ve often lamented about the task of cleaning out this house. However, the sale of this “junk” helped fund much of the restoration. Despite my occasional exasperation, overall I’m grateful so much was left behind.

dining room edit2

dining room edit3

Aside from the extensive water damage over the window caused by an old leak, I didn’t see any other major issues. Given the fact that I couldn’t see much of the room, I was cautious and aware that I may find more damage the further into renovations I got…and of course I did. 


Once all the clutter and rugs were removed I found termite damage in the floor. The kitchen nook, where we had found the termite swarm, is adjacent to the dining room so it wasn’t a total surprise. I had hoped to refurbish the original floors, so I was disappointed when I realized how extensive the damage was.


We kept as much flooring as possible, but over 50 feet had to be cut out and replaced. On the plus side, termites do not like hard wood and had left my beautiful walnut inlay alone.


Next the built-ins, damaged wallpaper and plaster were removed and the walls given a coat of primer.





Matching crown molding and baseboard trim were installed where the built-ins once stood. The dining room was painted Pearly White to match the rest of the house, and once painting was complete, the floors were refurbished and stained. We used Minwax Golden Oak and one coat of Minwax Provincial on top of that.



I was thrilled the original crystal chandelier was in good condition, but the brass gave it a dated look. The chandelier was given a makeover with a dark coat of bronze paint.



Custom built molding and classic recessed paneled wainscoting were installed and painted to match the trim throughout the house.


The radiator cover was also painted white to blend seamlessly with the existing millwork.


I probably say this about every room that gets renovated at one point in time, but I think this is my favorite renovation so far. Now that dining room renovations are complete, the room is ready for entertaining!