Garden Updates

My summer spent landscaping and overhauling the garden last year was completely worth it! The majority of shrubs I planted were perennials, so I had to wait until spring to see if they survived and grew. I am happy (and surprised) to report that my garden is thriving and looks great!


Last summer I planted two small tree peonies, which didn’t flower (it can take up to two years), but looked healthy and grew over the summer. By late fall the tree peonies had disappeared, and only a small stick left in its place. I was worried I had somehow killed them, and was anxious to see if they would reappear in spring. Turns out there was no need to worry, as my tree peonies survived and have grown quite a bit from last year. They even had beautiful plate sized blooms!!




The wisteria I was training across the fence had significantly more blooms compared to last summer. I’m going to continue to train the new growth across the fence, and fill in the gaps in the middle. It grows quite quickly, and I’m already looking forward to next spring’s results.


The hydrangeas, azaleas, ferns and hostas came back bigger and better. Some of my shrubs that I didn’t even know flowered bloomed.


The fertilizing and pruning last year paid off, as all six camellias look healthier and had more blooms then the previous year! They are also starting to fill in for a better shape overall.


This fall was extremely dry, and my holly tree and mountain laurel shrub suffered a bit. The mountain laurel lost most of its leaves, but is slowly making a comeback. I was surprised that it bloomed in the spring.



The large holly tree was not as lucky. All of the sharp little leaves fell off and have not grown back. Super fun to pick up! The branches are flexible, and there are little bits of growth so it’s not dead, but not coming back as quickly as I had hoped.

One thing I’ve learned about gardening is patience. Waiting a whole year for results was tough, but it was so gratifying to see all my hard work was not in vain. Considering I knew nothing about gardening, and have even killed bamboo plants, I’m pretty impressed with the progress of my garden.


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