The Outhouse Gets a Makeover

Yes, you read that correctly. The Outhouse is getting a makeover. Not my second floor bathroom, but…the Outhouse. If you’ve recently stumbled upon my blog, let me introduce you to the Outhouse. A random disgusting toilet in the basement, surrounded by an odd wooden (at one point blue) structure. It got its name because that is exactly what it looks like…an outhouse.


I preferred to fix up the second floor bathroom before the Outhouse, but a half bath would be much cheaper, and I’m not as picky when it comes to this particular bathroom. Its a spare half bath in an unfinished basement.

Last year my parents remodeled their guest bathroom, and asked if I wanted their old vanity and sink. Free construction materials? Um…yes please! So I’ve had a sink sitting in my basement for the past year. Next, I came into some tile. You get the picture. Over time I hoarded enough materials to renovate the Outhouse at a minimal cost.


The surrounding blue structure was torn down and the old toilet taken out. The 2×4 framing and drywall were put up, and electric and plumbing installed.




The Outhouse renovation was coming along smoothly, and then I went out of town for a week. Why is this relevant? Well, Baltimore got a lot of rain while I was gone…and so did my basement. I was aware my basement had a moisture problem. The water usually isn’t that bad, and only comes in on one side of the basement. Over the past two years I’ve tried to fix the leak. I replaced the old gutters. The original outdoor plumbing was replaced. Dirt was brought in to fill in the space near the pipes. Nothing worked! Finally we came to the conclusion that I would have to install a sub-pump to fix it. Hmmm…spend several thousand dollars to install a basement sub-pump or dining room trim? Install a sub-pump or landscaping? Install sub-pump or put up a fence? It seemed there was always something else (and in my opinion, something better) to spend money on. So I put off installing a sub-pump.

Well, the joke’s on me because I wasn’t there to mop the water up it almost reached the Outhouse. There is no point finishing the half bath if it could get water damage down the road. Renovations are on hold until I put in a sub-pump, and this “cheap renovation” is now going to cost me a lot more. Lesson learned.



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