Kitchen Nook Reveal- Part II

The kitchen nook was like the rest of the kitchen…a disaster. The kitchen’s avocado green walls and wood paneling continued throughout the nook. The former owner decided to mix it up a bit with striped wallpaper and a green radiator.


This picture was taken before the termite company ripped up the floors for treatment. There was a huge swarm under the floor, and you can actually see termite mud pushing up some of the laminate tile. By the time I closed on the property, the nook’s flooring was gone and a temporary piece of plywood was put in its place.


The wood paneling was removed, and new drywall and flooring installed. I continued the white walls and porcelain gray tile into the nook. The lovely green radiator was painted white. Surprisingly, the sliding glass doors were in decent shape, and I decided to keep them for now. Eventually, I would like to replace them with French doors, but that’s low on my list of priorities at the moment.


I loved the marble kitchen table. It was similar to the tables I saw in design magazines.

pottery barn

Using it for inspiration, I decided to keep the table and fix it up myself. It was dull and had some scratches, but I was able to get most of the scratches out with a little light sanding. Next I gave it a good polish using car wax. I painted the wooden base black.

IMG-4859 (1)

The chairs left behind consisted of a wooden bench and mismatched vintage ice cream parlor chairs. I sold the chairs at my yard sale, and temporarily replaced them with metal chairs from a Pier One outdoor patio set I had. I was contemplating purchasing acrylic chairs, but didn’t see any I liked in my price range. Several months passed, and I decided I preferred the metal chairs to acrylic and kept them.


I didn’t plan to keep the original light fixture. It was old fashioned and not at all what I was envisioning. Over time it grew on me. I can’t explain it. It’s old fashioned and weird, but I just like it. I painted the base black and switched out the light bulb for a large round one.


I kept the slate piece on the radiator for my DIY planters and milk glass containers I found around the house. In the office filing cabinet, among the playbills and files full of joke clippings, I found the original advertisement for my neighborhood from the early 1920’s. I framed it and hung it in the nook.



Since the kitchen nook overlooks the garden, I used a 1950’s flower guidebook for wall décor. The colorful pictures pop against the white walls, and a perfect transition to the view of the garden.

FullSizeRender (47)


I think the white and gray tones brighten up the space, and with ample views of the garden from the side window and sliding doors, I wasn’t concerned about the lack of color.


I love to spend lazy Saturday mornings drinking my coffee watching cardinals, robins and butterflies enjoying the berries on my shrubs and flowers in the garden.


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