Secret Garden Overhaul Part II

Last summer I took on the challenge of the overgrown garden. Check out my Secret Garden Part I post if you missed the before/after. By the time I got to the back portion of the garden it was August. It was hot and humid, and I was over landscaping and yard work. As much as I was dreading it, I could not leave it alone. The overgrown mess was such an eyesore, and I suspected it was the cause of my cat problem. The pictures are from mid March. It was so overgrown in the summer that it was hard to see the space. So imagine this, but ten times worse in August. Ugh!








I decided to rip out the overgrowth, tidy up the area, and focus on planting shrubs the following year. Just removing the ground covering made a huge difference.



Next, I took on the task of digging out rocks and the rest of the bricks. Rocks. There were so many rocks in the garden! Oh, and let’s not forget the occasional seashell of course.


I dumped the rocks in my alley and posted a free notification online for my neighbors. Twenty minutes later, the rocks were gone. I did this FOUR times! Apparently, rocks are a hot commodity and I received several e-mails requesting more rocks. I’m happy they were put to good use, and more importantly that I didn’t have to haul them away!


I laid down weed barrier fabric, and mulched the flowerbeds. I planted hostas in-between the three camellia bushes. I also planted ferns I had found growing among the ground covering at the end of the flowerbed.



I put weed barrier fabric across the middle of the space and dumped over a ton of pebbles on top. This will help keep the ground covering from growing back. Yay, more rocks!






A fence was installed for more privacy, and the wrought iron entrance gate removed. I used the entrance gate for decor since it matched the rest of the fencing scattered throughout the garden.

B2EF5DD5-7810-4215-A683-61CF53B8C08B (1)


Now that the majority of the work is complete, this spring I plan to rip out the Japanese laurels and plant hydrangeas all the way across the back. I’ve also purchased some astilbe bulbs to plant in the empty spaces and between the trees.

I’m happy to report all of my fertilizing and pruning last year paid off. My neglected camellias have more buds then ever! I can’t wait to see how they look come spring!


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