Make it Work – 2nd Floor Bathroom Renovation

The second floor bathroom was a no-brainer. Gut it. The wall tile was yellow with age and had a giant crack running across most of the room. The floor tile was dingy and also had multiple cracks. Oh, and the pipes to the shower were rusted and didn’t work. Yup, this has to go…or so I thought.

My budget allowed me to renovate the kitchen and bathroom, but I’d have to make compromises for both. The other option was to renovate the kitchen, exactly how I wanted, and hold off on the bathroom. I chose to renovate the kitchen.

I was stuck with this. On the plus side, anything I do (including cleaning out the former owner’s toiletries) would be an improvement. I would have to channel Tim Gunn and, “make it work!”




Rugs, shower curtain, medicine cabinet, wood toilet seat and the rest of the clutter was tossed. Luckily, the bathroom is right above the kitchen and the rusty pipes were replaced when the kitchen ceiling was ripped out. The wallpaper was removed and the wall patched. Finally, the room got a fresh coat of primer and paint.


Even after a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint the bathroom still looked pretty rough. Something had to be done with the dingy wall and floor tile.

I looked into purchasing a Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing kit at Home Depot. The refinishing kit was a little pricey, and I’d have to purchase several to finish the bathroom. I also thought about hiring a company that does ceramic tile refinishing. I did this at my last house. It looked great, but cost $600.

Dilemma. Is it worth it to spend several hundred dollars on a bathroom I plan to gut in a year or two? I decided it wasn’t. I could use that money toward one of the many other things around the house that needed to be fixed.



I painted the bathroom tile using white outdoor paint I had left over from my front porch. I figured if it holds up outside, why wouldn’t it work in the bathroom? Next, I traced the trim line using black floor paint to help break up all the white.

The floor tile was painted with a white floor paint, similar to what I used for the concrete basement floor. It made the cracks in the floor much less noticeable. Inspired by the ladies at Classy Clutter, I toyed around with the idea of stenciling a pattern on the floor. Since this is only temporary I decided not to, plus stenciling the uneven cracked floors would be a nightmare.

I kept the original light fixture over the sink, but painted it silver. The bulbs were swapped with large antique ones that I left uncovered. It gave off more light, plus it just looked cool. The hole from the medicine cabinet was covered up using a mirror purchased at Home Depot. 



The paint I used was left over from other projects, so I ended up spending less than $50. It’s nothing fancy, but it got the job done and I don’t have to look at dingy tile for the next year!


One thought on “Make it Work – 2nd Floor Bathroom Renovation

  1. It looks great! Do you mind sharing an up close picture of the floor? How is it holding up having been painted? I’m concerned with what to clean it with.


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