Beach House Added to “The List”

This past spring, and most of the summer, has been all about landscaping and unfinished house projects. After a year of non-stop renovating it’s no surprise I’m feeling a little burned out. I was perusing the Young House Love blog (its awesome, check it out) and came across their post DIYing vs. Living In Your Home & Enjoying It. It was a good reminder that renovations don’t happen overnight, and sometimes you need to step back and take a break. A vacation was in order! I headed to Ocean City, Maryland for a few days of relaxation.

Does anyone else have a “vacation list?” I’m not referring to places you want to visit, but AFTER you come back, you have a list of things you want pertaining to said vacation. Usually this list is filled with terrible ideas that are financially unattainable.

After college I went to France and came back obsessed with buying a vespa. Turns out vespas are expensive, plus I live in Baltimore City so it probably would have been stolen within a week.


I spent two weeks in Italy and had to have an espresso machine. Why? Who knows?! At the time I didn’t even drink coffee that much.

Earlier this year I spent three days in Deep Creek, Maryland and a chic cabin was added to the list. I think a rustic weekend getaway is a necessity, don’t you?

BTW, please feel free to share your vacation list…hopefully its as absurd and ridiculous as mine!


After a week in Ocean City I’m adding beach house to “the list.” The condo I was staying at was within walking distance to Fenwick, Delaware and I would walk around the neighborhood several times a day. I had convinced myself (but apparently not my scale) that walking was enough to work off the Ocean City essentials…Thrasher’s fries, Dumser’s Ice cream, and Fisher’s Popcorn. So I would walk and drool over the beachfront houses.




My favorite houses though were the tiny run down bungalows that would pop up every couple of blocks. These were more in my price range (HAHAHA!) and I would mentally fix up each and every one.

Clearly, it would need a new roof. What if the exterior was painted a gorgeous navy with white trim! Window boxes! Of course, it would look dreadful without them.

LOL, if only it was that easy…and also my reality.

In addition to planning my future beachfront development business, I sat on the beach and read a few books, which I’m embarrassed to say has been rare since I got cable and internet. I especially enjoyed Mary Kay Andrews’ Fixer Upper, a book “about one woman’s quest to redo an old house..”


I felt like I was reading about my own renovation, except this one was funny and stress free. The main character, Dempsey Jo Killebrew even inherited hundreds of National Geographic magazines. If you’re looking for an entertaining beach read and like DIY this book is for you. I liked it so much I also read a few of her other books featuring Weezie Foley and BeBe Loundermilk, a Savannah antique dealer and her best friend. These characters have a whole series and are entertaining reads. I tend to fall into a rut of chick lit and political thriller novels, so please share if you have any good book recommendations!

I’m back in town and vacation is officially over. I’m happy and relieved to report that landscaping is almost complete! Garden post coming soon!


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