Door & Brass Hardware Restoration

The security door, front door and hardware looked like the rest of the house…rough. Structurally (aside from the crack in the front door) they were in good condition. Nothing a little patch and paint couldn’t fix.


I wanted to keep and restore the original solid brass hardware. If I had to replace them, the new hardware would most likely be brass plated and wouldn’t come close to the same quality.


I attempted to clean the hardware by polishing it with Brasso, but it didn’t make a bit of difference. The hardware would have to be professionally polished and lacquered. The hardware was removed and dropped off at Brassworks to be restored.


In the meantime, the crack in the front door was patched and the entire door was given a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Exterior black paint in semi-gloss. The security door also got a fresh coat of Rust-Oleum gloss black paint.





Brassworks was quick and did an amazing job! It looks brand new! Plus, it cost less than $250. If I had to buy new hardware, a door handle alone would have cost me that much! By salvaging the front and security door, and not buying new, I saved $2,000.