DIY Decorative Spheres

My love affair with ModPodge continues. Several months ago I used a box of stamps left behind for wall decor. If you missed the post, check it out here. I still had a lot of stamps left and was brainstorming creative ways I could use them.


I decided to use the stamps to create decorative spheres. I purchased styrofoam balls at Michaels, and already had ModPodge left over from my other project.


I applied the ModPodge directly on the styrofoam using a foam brush. Next, I placed the stamps in the desired pattern, smoothing out any wrinkles. I continued this until the styrofoam was covered.


In addition to stamps, I decided to use maps I had found in some of the vintage National Geographic magazines. Create a travel theme! Don’t worry I still have plenty of vintage maps for other projects. I cut the maps into strips and glued them onto the styrofoam.

Once the glue dried, I covered each styrofoam ball with a second coat of ModPodge to seal it and give it a nice glossy shine.


I scored this gorgeous vintage walnut bowl at Goodwill for $2! After a good cleaning with Dawn and Murphy’s Oil it looked brand new, and perfect for my decorative spheres.



I’m glad the glue didn’t remove the ink on the postage stamps. I think its pretty cool that you can see what year they were mailed. Believe it or not, I still have stamps leftover. They are way too cool to just throw out so I have to come up with something. Any suggestions are welcome!



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