DIY Decorative Spheres

My love affair with ModPodge continues. Several months ago I used a box of stamps left behind for wall decor. If you missed the post, check it out here. I still had a lot of stamps left and was brainstorming creative ways I could use them.


I decided to use the stamps to create decorative spheres. I purchased styrofoam balls at Michaels, and already had ModPodge left over from my other project.


I applied the ModPodge directly on the styrofoam using a foam brush. Next, I placed the stamps in the desired pattern, smoothing out any wrinkles. I continued this until the styrofoam was covered.


In addition to stamps, I decided to use maps I had found in some of the vintage National Geographic magazines. Create a travel theme! Don’t worry I still have plenty of vintage maps for other projects. I cut the maps into strips and glued them onto the styrofoam.

Once the glue dried, I covered each styrofoam ball with a second coat of ModPodge to seal it and give it a nice glossy shine.


I scored this gorgeous vintage walnut bowl at Goodwill for $2! After a good cleaning with Dawn and Murphy’s Oil it looked brand new, and perfect for my decorative spheres.



I’m glad the glue didn’t remove the ink on the postage stamps. I think its pretty cool that you can see what year they were mailed. Believe it or not, I still have stamps leftover. They are way too cool to just throw out so I have to come up with something. Any suggestions are welcome!




It’s finally happening! I’m getting cable and internet installed this weekend. Yes, you read that correctly. I haven’t had cable or internet for the past year. All my friends had the same reaction…OMG, how do you live?!

No longer will I have to fight for a table at the local coffeehouse. I can blog whenever I want, instead of furiously typing between loads of laundry at my parent’s house. LOL, I don’t have a washer/dryer either. Also on the list, but one thing at a time folks.


You might be wondering, why did it take so long? Attempting to have cable and internet installed in a house that has never had it is an interesting process. It took a good two and a half months to clear up the confusion with the cable company.

Cable Company: Your address doesn’t exist in our system or map. Are you in a new development?

Me: No, it’s just a really old house that has never had service. Ever.

Cable Company: Really? Wow, well it will take several days to register your address in our system. Call back to schedule service.

I called back several days later to schedule and had the same exact conversation. I did get a little further the third time around as I was able to schedule an installment date. This was promptly cancelled one week later because my address doesn’t exist in the system. *sigh*

I eventually gave up calling and physically went to the cable company store to clear things up. I thought maybe, just maybe I would get better service in person. No such luck. It took another month of my following up with the store manager to FINALLY get my address registered and schedule an installment date.

I had the cable professionally pre-wired throughout the house, so all the cable company has to do is bring the wires from the pole into the house. Fingers crossed I’ll be on the couch binge watching Real Housewives episodes by this time tomorrow.