Outdoor Patio Upgrade Under $20

The weather has finally started to get warm in Baltimore! I’ve been spending time walking around the neighborhood admiring neighbor’s landscaping and flowers, hoping to get ideas for my garden. I also checked out the Maryland Home and Garden show, and visited the Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens. Cool place, stop by and check it out!

FullSizeRender (57)


I can’t believe it, but it’s coming up on a year since I purchased this house! Last year I was dealing with termites, cleaning out the place and focusing on renovations so I could move in. This year my focus is on my front yard and garden.

Last weekend I pulled out my wicker patio set from the basement and put it out on the porch. I had purchased the set at a yard sale and painted it white. This was six years ago. It looked sad, dingy and needed an upgrade.


I decided to paint it black. It would look great against the brick! If you ever decide to paint wicker furniture use spray paint. Yes, you may have to purchase several cans to complete the job, but painting it with a brush takes forever! I made this mistake when I painted the wicker white and it took several weeks and multiple coats. Spray painting it black…one afternoon. Learn from my mistake.


The green cushions were replaced with a black set I had gotten from Pier One. I also planted some flowers that my wonderful co-worker gave me from her garden. Thanks Amy! My patio looks so much better, and all for the low cost of $18.75!


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