DIY: How to Paint Furniture

Since I started blogging and posting projects on Instagram, I’ve gotten tons of questions about restoring and painting furniture. I found the majority who ask about it think it’s a daunting task. I decided to do a tutorial on how to paint furniture. Anyone can do it!

I found this wooden filing cabinet at my local Restore for the low cost of $15. It was perfect for my office! Overall, it was in good condition but showed signs of wear and tear. Nothing a little sanding and paint can’t fix.

Painting Supplies:

Fine Grit Sandpaper
Paint Brush
Foam Roller
Tray Liner
Paint Stirrer (home improvement stores give these out for free)
Drop cloth

Home Depot sells paint kits, which are relatively cheap and great for those who are just starting to paint.


Step One: Remove all hardware and clean furniture

Using the appropriate tool, remove all hardware from the piece. This is also helpful since I’m going to spray it gold to match the rest of hardware in the office.

Next, take a tack cloth and wipe down the piece. If the furniture has been sitting in a damp garage or dirty basement it probably has dust and dirt on it. You don’t want to paint this grime into your furniture.


Step Two: Sanding

Lightly sand the piece using fine grit sandpaper. A light sanding should suffice. This will ensure the paint has a surface to adhere to. Wipe down again.


Step Three: Prime


Priming your piece helps seal the grain of the wood so the finished coat goes on evenly. This also ensures that the wood color does not bleed through the finished coat.

Pour the paint into the tray liner, and using a roller, prime the piece. A roller is quicker, plus you won’t see brush strokes.


For cutting in corners or edges, use a paint brush to paint instead of a roller.


Make sure the paint does not pile up in the corners and edges of the piece. Using your brush, feather out the paint. It can be easy to miss. If you notice it after the paint has dried no need to panic. Just sand it down using the sandpaper. I always check my edges and corners prior to painting the final coat. Nothing ruins the professional look of a piece like globs of paint in the corners.

Step Four: Repeat Step Three Using the Finished Coat

Once the furniture has been sanded and primed repeat step three, but using the finished paint color instead of primer. Repeat as necessary if the wood color continues to bleed through.

Step Five: Re-install Hardware

Before I re-installed the hardware I sprayed it gold to match the rest in the office.

Step Six: Enjoy Beautiful New Piece, With Money Saved Buy More DIY Projects


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One Year!

I can’t believe it, but it has been one year since I started my blog and renovations on the house! Looking back on some of my first posts I can’t help but laugh and wonder, WTF was I thinking?! If you’re new to the blog and want to read about renovations from the very beginning, check out my first post here. Truth be told, I would totally do it again. To celebrate I’m doing a (long overdue) room reveal post!

The spare bedroom on the second floor wasn’t in bad shape. The walls had some cracks and it was filled with clutter, but nothing a little patching, paint and clean up couldn’t fix. I decided to paint it the same color as the rest of the house, Pearly White.


The real challenge was furnishing and decorating it with what was left behind in the house. I didn’t want to splurge on new furniture, and decided I would just have to make do with what I had.


I moved a dresser, vanity, end table and bed I found from the master bedroom into the spare. The brown tones looked old and dated, and the vanity had some damage. I decided to paint the furniture black to make the room cohesive and update the look. Check out the before/after blog post for the dresser and vanity.



Cleaning the room out and giving it a fresh coat of paint alone made a world of difference. It was fun, although challenging, to use only items I had left over to decorate.


The former owner loved her linens, and had several boxes. The Matelasse bed cover was absolutely beautiful and I decided to use it in the spare bedroom (after a good wash and bleach of course).


I noticed using vinyl records and albums as wall decor has made a comeback recently. In the basement, I found vinyl records dating as early as 1903 that I thought would look great hanging above the dresser.


I found an old mirror in the third floor closet, which got a coat of black paint as well. It’s the perfect size for above the vanity.


Now that the spare bedroom is complete, its time to move on to the final room on the second floor, the office!

Outdoor Patio Upgrade Under $20

The weather has finally started to get warm in Baltimore! I’ve been spending time walking around the neighborhood admiring neighbor’s landscaping and flowers, hoping to get ideas for my garden. I also checked out the Maryland Home and Garden show, and visited the Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens. Cool place, stop by and check it out!

FullSizeRender (57)


I can’t believe it, but it’s coming up on a year since I purchased this house! Last year I was dealing with termites, cleaning out the place and focusing on renovations so I could move in. This year my focus is on my front yard and garden.

Last weekend I pulled out my wicker patio set from the basement and put it out on the porch. I had purchased the set at a yard sale and painted it white. This was six years ago. It looked sad, dingy and needed an upgrade.


I decided to paint it black. It would look great against the brick! If you ever decide to paint wicker furniture use spray paint. Yes, you may have to purchase several cans to complete the job, but painting it with a brush takes forever! I made this mistake when I painted the wicker white and it took several weeks and multiple coats. Spray painting it black…one afternoon. Learn from my mistake.


The green cushions were replaced with a black set I had gotten from Pier One. I also planted some flowers that my wonderful co-worker gave me from her garden. Thanks Amy! My patio looks so much better, and all for the low cost of $18.75!