Vintage Fans Turned Industrial Chic

I don’t know what it is about old fans, but I absolutely love them. To my delight, I found not one, not two, but three vintage fans left behind in my house! Of course (like everything I own), they needed a little work.



Each fan still worked when plugged in, but the electrical wires were quite frayed, and posed a potential fire hazard in the current condition. If I wanted to used them, they would need to be rewired. At the moment, I’m going to use them for decorating purposes only.

Dirt, dust and oil coated each fan, so they were taken apart and given a good cleaning. Next they were given a light sanding and sprayed with a metallic Rust-Oleum paint, Aged Copper and Titanium Silver.



The Wizard Husky was in the best condition, so I decided to leave it as is, and just give it a good cleaning. I think the wear and tear adds some patina, don’t you? I’ve decided to put the silver fan in my office, but unsure where the aged copper fan should go. Any suggestions?




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