3rd Floor Renovations Have Commenced

This past weekend I embarked on renovating the third floor of the house. Renovations have been underway everywhere but the third floor. It’s basically been a storage unit since I moved in. The third floor consists of two bedrooms and a full bath.

On a whim Friday evening I decided to begin demoing the smaller of the two bedrooms. One wall was covered in cork board, and green retro striped carpet covered the floor.



I actually thought the cork board was pretty cool. I noticed a similar design using cork tiles in the bathrooms at Frank Lloyd’s Wright’s Falling Water house.Unfortunately, the wall was next to a window that had leaked at one point or another. The leak had ruined a good portion of the cork board. As I began chipping away at it, I realized the majority was too old and damaged to save. What was underneath? Old wallpaper…yay (note the sarcasm).


Once the cork board was removed I thought it would be nice to get rid of the carpet as well. Wouldn’t this room look so much nicer with hardwood floors?

*sigh* Like many of my projects I underestimated how involved ripping up the carpet would be, especially carpet that is so old it crumbles to dust as I ripped it away from the floor. Plus, I had to drag an extremely heavy antique wrought iron bed around the room as I worked.

Those beautiful hardwood floors I was envisioning…non-existent! Hardwood floors throughout the entire house and what do I find under this carpet? TILE! Ugly (also green) vinyl tile. After two hours of work, sweating and covered in decade old dust, I began to wonder if green striped carpet was really so bad?


Once the debris was disposed of and the floors wiped clean, I stepped back and surveyed my progress.


I added a Laura Ashley bedspread that was mine when I was little (thanks Mom!), and decorated the rest of the room with spare furniture around the house.


The vintage vanity I recently acquired from my local ReStore was perfect for this room!




The tiles were installed on a subfloor, which means the the hardwood floors are under that. The condition of the hardwood is unknown. I’m a little suspicious given past evidence of leaks, and the fact that this is the only room in the whole house with vinyl tile.

At some point the tiles will be removed, but I don’t feel like beginning the laborious task of removing them only to find out I need to replace the wood floors. In the meantime, I’m going to try and make it work as is. I’ve been brainstorming and I think painting the tiles a cream color might look nice. Thoughts?


I went to Sherwin-Williams yesterday and purchased paint. Cordell, the assistant manager, was incredibility helpful picking out the color scheme I was looking for. Surprise, Alabaster is back in the game!


I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this will turn out great. We shall see. To be continued…


One thought on “3rd Floor Renovations Have Commenced

  1. Be careful pulling up those tiles. When I was doing a reno of an older house it had very similar tiles in the basement and found out they were made of asbestos. The only options we had were to pay for a very expensive abatement, or cover it with laminate flooring. We chose the laminate. Fortunately there are a lot of very good looking options out there.


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