Repurposed Vintage Trunk

There are two items that I can never resist buying when I’m out looking for deals. Vintage trunks and vanities. Case in point, this vanity I purchased two weeks ago at ReStore. Did I need it? Absolutely not, but it was on sale, so I took it as a sign that it was meant to be mine.

This was really too cool to pass up. Look at that awesome detail!

My trunk obsession started when I purchased this flat top trunk from Second Chances and restored it.

So whenever I was out and spotted either of these items I bought them. Turns out the former homeowner liked trunks as well because there were four left behind in the house. Add the three I had stockpiled myself and well, you get the drift. I had to figure out what to do with all these trunks!

I toyed around with several ideas. Maybe I could paint them? Meh, too boring. Maybe I could glue aluminum pieces on the trunks like the Restoration Hardware ones I fancy? No, too complicated. Mod Podge antique maps onto it? Nah, too overdone and cheesy.


At my last visit to ReStore they had bins upon bins of wallpaper. Designer rolls too! Plymouth Wallpaper Furnishing & Gifts located in Catonsville had closed it’s doors and donated their stock.


I was disappointed I didn’t find any grasscloth for my dining room, but I didn’t walk away empty handed. After several minutes of digging I came across this awesome pattern. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for my trunks! It had this upscale vintage vibe, plus the neutral tone allowed it to blend with any decor I had in the house. I had just enough for one trunk.


My contractor, aka my Dad, injured himself on the job and per doctor’s orders could not put any weight on his foot for several weeks. After two weeks, he was bored out of his mind and offered to help out with some of the smaller projects I was working on. I’m sure he instantly regretted doing so when I gave him the trunk and wallpaper and told him what my plans were. After a “you need to stop buying junk” lecture (which always falls on deaf ears), he begrudgingly agreed to do it. 

He measured the trunk, cut the wallpaper to size, and used an X-Acto knife to cut around the hardware. Next, the wallpaper was glued to the trunk using wallpaper adhesive. Once it dried, he painted the trunk’s hardware black.



The results exceeded my expectations, and I was blown away how well it turned out! I think even he was pleasantly surprised himself.

Much to my Dad’s dismay, I found two more rolls of the same wallpaper. I’d like to use it on another trunk and stack them to create an end table for my couch.  Will post the final result when its complete.

Thanks Dad! Amazing job, as always!


Vintage Fans Turned Industrial Chic

I don’t know what it is about old fans, but I absolutely love them. To my delight, I found not one, not two, but three vintage fans left behind in my house! Of course (like everything I own), they needed a little work.



Each fan still worked when plugged in, but the electrical wires were quite frayed, and posed a potential fire hazard in the current condition. If I wanted to used them, they would need to be rewired. At the moment, I’m going to use them for decorating purposes only.

Dirt, dust and oil coated each fan, so they were taken apart and given a good cleaning. Next they were given a light sanding and sprayed with a metallic Rust-Oleum paint, Aged Copper and Titanium Silver.



The Wizard Husky was in the best condition, so I decided to leave it as is, and just give it a good cleaning. I think the wear and tear adds some patina, don’t you? I’ve decided to put the silver fan in my office, but unsure where the aged copper fan should go. Any suggestions?



All Gold Everything

If you’ve been following my blog its no secret that I’m a little infatuated with painting things gold. The hardware on my office desk, multiple desk accessories, and if I’m being completely honest, several other items I haven’t blogged about yet. You would think I would be sick of it by now, right? NOPE!


Which brings me to my next DIY project, golden books! I’ve been on the look out for decor and books for the built in shelves that wrap around the front of the living room.


I came across these fabulous gold accent books, but the average price started around $37.99 and up. One site even had a series of gold books for over $240…on sale! Yikes!



I had boxes of books just collecting dust, so I decided to DIY my own decorative books. I picked out five books that were about the same size to use for my project. My first reaction was to spray paint them gold. Shocker. However, after thinking about it for a minute I decided against it. The painter’s tape might not cover well, paint could get on the pages, the letters would bleed through the paint etc. So I went with Plan B, scrapbook paper.

I went to Michael’s and picked out a few scrapbook pages I liked with a gold woodgrain pattern. Gold Woodgrain Scrapbook Paper by Recollections for $1.99 (it was actually cheaper since I used a 50% off coupon). I wanted the pattern to match, but mixing up the scrapbook design is a great way to add some variety.


Several weeks ago I was introduced to Mod Podge. Life changer! How did I go so long without this!? If you’ve never heard of Mod Podge or are unsure how to use it, check out this video on YouTube that I found quite helpful.

I measured and cut the scrapbook paper to fit each book. Next I took a foam brush and slathered the Mod Podge on one side of the book, placed the scrapbook paper on it and laid it flat on a table with a heavy book on top. I let it sit for 15 minutes, then I repeated the same steps on the other side of the book.


After the Mod Podge dried I arranged them on my shelf. I’m thrilled with my fancy new accent books, and the fact I spent less than $5!




3rd Floor Renovations Have Commenced

This past weekend I embarked on renovating the third floor of the house. Renovations have been underway everywhere but the third floor. It’s basically been a storage unit since I moved in. The third floor consists of two bedrooms and a full bath.

On a whim Friday evening I decided to begin demoing the smaller of the two bedrooms. One wall was covered in cork board, and green retro striped carpet covered the floor.



I actually thought the cork board was pretty cool. I noticed a similar design using cork tiles in the bathrooms at Frank Lloyd’s Wright’s Falling Water house.Unfortunately, the wall was next to a window that had leaked at one point or another. The leak had ruined a good portion of the cork board. As I began chipping away at it, I realized the majority was too old and damaged to save. What was underneath? Old wallpaper…yay (note the sarcasm).


Once the cork board was removed I thought it would be nice to get rid of the carpet as well. Wouldn’t this room look so much nicer with hardwood floors?

*sigh* Like many of my projects I underestimated how involved ripping up the carpet would be, especially carpet that is so old it crumbles to dust as I ripped it away from the floor. Plus, I had to drag an extremely heavy antique wrought iron bed around the room as I worked.

Those beautiful hardwood floors I was envisioning…non-existent! Hardwood floors throughout the entire house and what do I find under this carpet? TILE! Ugly (also green) vinyl tile. After two hours of work, sweating and covered in decade old dust, I began to wonder if green striped carpet was really so bad?


Once the debris was disposed of and the floors wiped clean, I stepped back and surveyed my progress.


I added a Laura Ashley bedspread that was mine when I was little (thanks Mom!), and decorated the rest of the room with spare furniture around the house.


The vintage vanity I recently acquired from my local ReStore was perfect for this room!




The tiles were installed on a subfloor, which means the the hardwood floors are under that. The condition of the hardwood is unknown. I’m a little suspicious given past evidence of leaks, and the fact that this is the only room in the whole house with vinyl tile.

At some point the tiles will be removed, but I don’t feel like beginning the laborious task of removing them only to find out I need to replace the wood floors. In the meantime, I’m going to try and make it work as is. I’ve been brainstorming and I think painting the tiles a cream color might look nice. Thoughts?


I went to Sherwin-Williams yesterday and purchased paint. Cordell, the assistant manager, was incredibility helpful picking out the color scheme I was looking for. Surprise, Alabaster is back in the game!


I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this will turn out great. We shall see. To be continued…

DIY Designer Desk Accessories

The office has a white and gold color scheme happening right now. I scored this Target Campaign desk at Goodwill and painted it white with gold hardware accents. If you missed the post, check it out here.


What else do I love at Target? The Nate Berkus gold desk organization collection. Everything gold! It’s fabulous! 


Instead of splurging on designer desk accessories I decided to use it as inspiration for the office supplies I already had.


I gathered the desk supplies I found in the house and purchased Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint in metallic gold. Each desk accessory got a once over with the spray paint.



I’m now organized in style for the low cost of $4. I still have gold spray paint leftover…what else can I turn gold? Hmmmm….