Basement Stair Repair & Paint

Renovating the basement is not a priority. It’s going to be used for storage and at some point I plan to complete the bathroom and put in a laundry room. I’ve nicknamed the basement bathroom the outhouse, because that’s exactly what it looks like. Gross.


In the meantime, the basement is going to get cleaned up a bit. The walls have been painted white, which help brighten up the space and the floors will eventually be painted gray. Actually half of the floor has been painted, but we ran out of paint.



The basement stairs were a bit rickety. Every time you walked down them they would dip to the left. It’s pretty bad when you have to warn people and reassure them that the stairs won’t collapse.


The stairs have been stabilized and no longer dip and sway. They also got a fresh coat of paint.



The basement is starting to look like its used for storage and less like a dungeon every day!


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