Spare Shingles & Garden Shed Upgrade

I don’t like to let things go to waste. I’m not a hoarder, but my basement is definitely full of items that I have no idea what to do with. My “collection” of stuff varies depending on projects I’m working on. Construction materials are currently taking up most of the space in my basement. Tile pieces, fabric remnants, paint cans, iron fencing, spare flooring and trim. You never know when you may need a broken off piece of tile, right?!

My hoarding tendencies came in handy when I decided something had to be done about the gardening shed in the back of the house. I was excited to have a shed for storage, but it was beginning to fall apart. The roof and doors were rotting from exposure. It didn’t help that I bumped into it and a large corner of the roof fell off.


I had kept the leftover shingles from replacing the shaker shingles on the roof, so I decided to use these on the shed. It would give the shed a clean uniform look, and most importantly protect it from the elements and further rotting. We replaced the rotting wood on the bottom of the shed doors with PVC plastic and gave the whole shed a much needed coat of paint.



The addition of the house was looking quite dingy so that got a fresh coat of paint as well.


I still had shingles leftover so I decided to use the rest on the window well covers. The covers in the front and back of the house were wood. To my surprise they weren’t rotting…yet. They not only looked terrible, but would fall off every time a strong wind blew. This left my basement vulnerable to leaking.


At some point in the future I plan to brick over the basement windows, but in the meantime the shingles look great.This not only protects my basement, but looks MUCH nicer and continues the uniform look of the backyard.


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