Living Room Reveal

It’s been a long three months, but finally my house is starting to look like a home and not a construction site. Plus, I can finally start moving furniture and decorating!!! At the moment I have boxes of stuff scattered between four different houses, so I am extremely relieved to have everything back in ONE place. That being said, there is still plenty of work to be done, so this will not be my final reveal post.

If you recall from posts back in May the living room looked like this.

Living room edit 1

living room edit2


The wood paneling was not only dated, but made the room look dark and dingy. The fireplace had also seen better days. Due to the insane amount of clutter you couldn’t really see the floors, but take my word for it, they looked equally as rough. I mean they are almost 100 years old. What made things worse was when I removed the rugs from the floors I found more termite damage then I had anticipated. The termites really went to town on my floors. Bastards.

Once the wood paneling was removed from the walls, we discovered that the plaster behind it was in terrible shape. New drywall was put up and the many cracks in the walls and ceiling were patched and sanded. Luckily the build-in shelves were not attached to the wood paneling so they were able to be salvaged.



I discovered the original mantelpiece in the basement, and was determined to restore it and make it the focal point of the living room. I wasn’t sure if it would be possible giving that it was cracked in half and bowed from decades of being stored in the basement.


After months of work this is the final result.






I couldn’t be happier and am absolutely thrilled with my living room. The white walls and shelving really open up the space, and contrasts nicely with the dark stain chosen for the floors. The white mantel and marble porcelain surround tile enhance the room and add a subdued elegance.

One room down….twelve more to go. Have a great weekend everyone!


7 thoughts on “Living Room Reveal

  1. So you used the pearly white on all the walls? What color did you do use for the trim? Everything looks beautiful. Thank you.


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