Bathroom vs. Kitchen- Round II

Several weeks ago I posted how renovating the kitchen was not an option. At the time I had to make a choice between fixing up the bathroom or the kitchen. My budget was quickly dwindling, so I chose the bathroom since it was the cheapest option. Plus, at the time ripping apart the bathroom was the only way to get to and replace the corroded pipes.




I was not looking forward to making this disgusting hodgepodge kitchen “work.” It would have taken considerable time, effort, and compromises. I still wouldn’t love it, and would count the days until I saved enough pennies to gut and start over. However, thanks to the profit from the sale of my former house, my budget has increased enough to gut the kitchen! YYYYYAAAAASSSSSS!!!

So now I have two options:

Option 1: Redo the bathroom and kitchen, but will have to make compromises in my design to afford both

Option 2: Renovate the kitchen, not make any compromises, and make do with the bathroom I have now.

It took all of five seconds for me to decide and pick option 2. My original bathroom design went straight into the garbage. So what if the bathroom has a large crack running across the floor…and wall. No big deal. Nothing a rug and shelf can’t cover up. Right? The corroded pipes problem could be solved by ripping out the kitchen ceiling and replacing them that way. Perfect. Turns out most of the kitchen ceiling had to be ripped out anyway. I think it was meant to be.

A few days later, my Dad and his crew ripped apart and gutted the entire kitchen. Floor, cabinets, wood paneling, and drop ceiling….GONE! I had no idea the demo was going to happen so quickly, and when I walked into the now large and open space I was shocked. I stood there for a good minute clapping my hands and giggling like a crazy person, images of white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and beautiful granite countertops dancing in my head. If I’m this excited by the demo, I can’t wait to see how the kitchen will turn out!







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