Garden Oasis

A few weeks ago I posted about pressure washing my front porch and what an amazing difference it made. The backyard brick was finally pressure washed as well. Again, I’m absolutely amazed at the difference.




Dirt and grime weren’t the only things blown off the brick patio, but a lot of the mortar went as well. In the meantime, the cracks were filled with sand to keep the bricks in place. Did you know there are different colors of sand? I had to decide which color blended the best with the remaining mortar. It took me two days to decide if I wanted more of a yellow or white sand, and I finally decided on yellow.

I inherited a patio set that was left behind. It was quite rusted in several spots, but nothing a little sanding and rustoleum black paint couldn’t fix.



The garden still needs a ton of work, but it’s coming along. It’s become the perfect spot to take a break after working in the house all day.




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