Let the Demolition Begin!

Several long weekends and hours of work, the place is finally beginning to look like a home and not a storage unit. You know it was bad when someone remarks, “you can finally see what the floor looks like!”

There is NO WAY I would have made this much progress if my parents weren’t helping me. So a major thank you to them for helping me out! I’d also like to give a shout out to my aunt, who graciously agreed to let me use her garage for storage until I’m available to host a yard sale of epic proportions.

I have to say as overwhelming as it was, and as bad as my allergies currently are (soo much dust), I’m slightly sad the picking is over. It was fun and exciting never knowing what you would come across that day, even though the majority of stuff turned out to be junk. However, even more exciting is that it’s time to start the demolition!

Living Room

The wood paneling in the living room had to be ripped out. It made the room look dark, dingy and dated. The walls behind the paneling were crumbling and new drywall had to be installed. I’m going to keep the current built-ins and paint them white. Already the room looks brighter and it hasn’t even been painted yet!

living room edit2
Living room edit 1
After – most of the clutter had been removed and the paneling was coming down
After – wood paneling had been removed and new drywall put up

Dining Room

The former owner had custom made cabinets installed in the 60s, which are great quality, but dated. They are also big, bulky and take up about a foot of space into the dining room. Since I have plenty of storage space, I decided to rip them out.

dining room edit2

Kitchen Floors

Half of the kitchen floor had already been removed so it was time to get rid of the rest. kitchenpicmix

I’m so excited with the progress that has been made so far and this is only the beginning!


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