Picking for Smalls- Part II

This is the final Picking for Smalls post. Check out Part I if you missed it. Everything has been picked, packed, tossed or sold. That being said this post is a little longer then usual since I wanted to share some the awesome, old and just plain odd items I’ve found over the past few days.

Newspapers from 1922 through 1990s

I found this box on the floor in the basement. There was water damage on the bottom and I assumed whatever was in there was probably ruined. I was shocked when I opened the box and this is what I saw…



One by one I pulled them out of the box. It was like I was traveling back in time. The oldest paper was from 1922. I couldn’t believe that only one paper had serious water damage.


Boxes/Tins Full of Rocks

When I came across multiple boxes and tins full of rocks I couldn’t believe it. Why?! I already had twenty bags of trash, and now I have to take rocks to the dump too! As much as I wanted to toss them and move on to the next thing, I noticed each rock was carefully wrapped. I set them aside to inspect later. Turns out they weren’t rocks but fossils! Crinoids and Brachiopods to be exact.


Well hello little brachiopods

Château Haut-Brion 1940 Wine Worth $1,200 a Bottle…


if it was unopened. *sigh* Researching this bottle I stumbled upon an interesting article about a man who is serving time in prison for making and selling counterfeit wine. He made over $100 million. The Chateau Haut-Brion was one of his counterfeits. I probably have the fake bottle.

Cancelled Checks (1914-1928) from the Estate of Max Plitt 

I have no clue who Max Plitt is

Antique Fans

I love antique fans! I don’t know why I’m drawn to them. They’re just so cool! I found these in the basement and have plans to restore them.


Antique Microscope Slides

Property of the Bay Harbor Butcher?

Other Random Stuff:

Collection of antique sad and flat irons
Playbills (at least 50 or so found in the filing cabinet)
Two closets and a basement filled with artwork
Sea Sponges, usually four or five scattered around every room in the house


Stamp collection
Sea shells. So many sea shells. Tins, jars, in closets, boxes, even in kitchen appliances
Motorcycle parts, still in the box
Boxes of glass jars
Vintage tins and cigar boxes (enough to fill two large plastic tubs)
1920s mother of pearl opera glasses

Numerous files with clippings labeled Jokes, most of which were not funny
Five vintage wooden sleds
Books (I’m still going through them, but the oldest so far has been from 1808)
Vintage luggage, hat boxes, and a steamer trunk
1920s snuff tins
Vintage crates (several were from Baltimore factories)



Pressure Wash ALL the Things!!

Pressure washing is absolutely amazing. It’s also oddly satisfying to watch. There are YouTube compilation videos of pressure washing. This one is pretty good too. My Dad purchased a new pressure washer last weekend and tested it out on my front porch and sidewalk. Years of dirt and grime washed away in a matter of seconds. They look brand new!! My porch looks amazing. I can’t get over it.

FullSizeRender (1)



I wanted to try out the pressure washer myself, but I’ve been banned from using it. Allegedly, I break things. Ya know, you go through three weed whackers one summer and suddenly you have a reputation for breaking things. Totally not my fault! That’s what you get when you buy used junk off of Craigslist!

FullSizeRender (2)

Next on the list is the backyard. I can’t wait to see what the garden is going to look like once the brick is pressure washed!

Let the Demolition Begin!

Several long weekends and hours of work, the place is finally beginning to look like a home and not a storage unit. You know it was bad when someone remarks, “you can finally see what the floor looks like!”

There is NO WAY I would have made this much progress if my parents weren’t helping me. So a major thank you to them for helping me out! I’d also like to give a shout out to my aunt, who graciously agreed to let me use her garage for storage until I’m available to host a yard sale of epic proportions.

I have to say as overwhelming as it was, and as bad as my allergies currently are (soo much dust), I’m slightly sad the picking is over. It was fun and exciting never knowing what you would come across that day, even though the majority of stuff turned out to be junk. However, even more exciting is that it’s time to start the demolition!

Living Room

The wood paneling in the living room had to be ripped out. It made the room look dark, dingy and dated. The walls behind the paneling were crumbling and new drywall had to be installed. I’m going to keep the current built-ins and paint them white. Already the room looks brighter and it hasn’t even been painted yet!

living room edit2
Living room edit 1
After – most of the clutter had been removed and the paneling was coming down
After – wood paneling had been removed and new drywall put up

Dining Room

The former owner had custom made cabinets installed in the 60s, which are great quality, but dated. They are also big, bulky and take up about a foot of space into the dining room. Since I have plenty of storage space, I decided to rip them out.

dining room edit2

Kitchen Floors

Half of the kitchen floor had already been removed so it was time to get rid of the rest. kitchenpicmix

I’m so excited with the progress that has been made so far and this is only the beginning!