Bathroom Renovation Planning

Renovating the 2nd floor bathroom wasn’t high on my long list of renovations so I really haven’t put much thought into what I wanted. For such a small room there are so many decisions to make. Do I want penny round tile, subway, or rectangular? Should I get a pedestal sink or vanity? If I get a vanity should the sink top be granite, quartz or marble? Do I want to tile the entire bathroom or just the shower? If I only tile the shower, should I install trim throughout the rest of the bathroom? The options are endless!

Current 2nd Floor Bathroom

My contractor (aka my Dad) discussed, or rather patiently entertained, the variety of options I threw at him including tearing down part of the wall of the master bedroom to create an en suite. It’s a long story, but we decided that it was not one of my better ideas. On the plus side, the overwhelming number of options were quickly narrowed down once I was informed of the cost of each. Ha! I haven’t made up my mind completely, but this is what I’m leaning towards:


The first decision I made was to get rid of the tub. I’ll replace the tub with a shower, complete with custom made glass doors. I’d LOVE to have a multiple shower system as well, but it depends if I’m within budget once final orders are placed. Also, there will only be tile in the shower and the rest of the bathroom will be drywall.


Color Scheme

I’m going with a neutral color design of white with hints of gray to create a look that is clean, calm and collected. 

hgtv bath
HGTV Photo Library
Master Bathroom - Shower View -After
Architectural Digest


I haven’t picked out hardware yet, but most likely will go with chrome or brushed nickel. Oooo…or monochromatic matte fixtures! Yea, clearly not close to making a decision yet. I’d like to have a rain showerhead. They seem amazing. Does anyone else have one? Love it or hate it? Oh, fingers crossed this includes the multiple shower system as well.

I don’t even know what this is, but I need it in my life immediately 

Vanity vs. Pedestal Sink

Vanity won! Again, the design options are endless. I even toyed around with the idea of using one of the antique Eastlake wash stands I found in the house. Hmmm…

The Glamorous Housewife

Clearly I have plenty of planning left to. Any suggestions, tips, or even links to pics of beautiful bathrooms for inspiration would be incredibility helpful and welcomed!



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