Picking for Smalls- Part I

I’m a huge fan of the show American Pickers on the History Channel. If you’re a fan, you know that Mike and Frank have their own lingo for picking. One of my favorites is smalls (oh, and bundling). When they reference smalls they are referring to multiple items picked that are small in size and can be carried off right away. I thought it would be fun to share some of the awesome smalls I’ve stumbled across cleaning out this house. I’ve only scratched the surface so there will be a Part Two coming soon.

National Geographic Magazines from 1916-1975
national geoI now own hundreds of National Geographic magazines. The ads in the early editions are pretty  amazing.

1920’s Lucretia Vanderbilt Powder Box

The story of the Lucretia Vanderbilt cosmetics line is like something out of a movie. Hidden identities, criminals, Prohibition, fraud, and the exportation of alcohol in the form of cosmetics. It’s got it all. Collecting Vintage Compacts blog gives a great history of the Lucretia Vanderbilt Cosmetic Collection if your interested in reading more.VanderbiltC1880’s Indian Bronze Horse Temple ToyFullSizeRender-14I was able to identify the toy and year, but was unable to find any historical information. If anyone knows anything about Indian temple toys please message me.

Francois Carre Pinwheel Iron Garden ChairIMG_3561This doesn’t really qualify as a “small,” but I had to include it because it was such an awesome find. Tucked away in the corner of the basement was a Francis Carre Pinwheel Iron Garden chair. It was originally manufactured in France by Francois A. Carre in the 1860’s for French parks. In 1866 Francois A. Carre filed a U.S. patent, and they were later manufactured in the USA. Extremely popular in the 20’s and manufactured through the 40’s. Most famous for their use in the movie Casablanca, and in the documentary and HBO film Grey Gardens.vintage chair pics

1920’s National Biscuit Company Lithograph TinIMG_3466I found this item interesting because it was a local Baltimore company, plus my grandparents met while working at the National Biscuit Company.

1920’s Lloyd Loom Baby CarriageIMG_4250This baby  carraige was in the corner of the living room with a stuffed vintage Santa doll inside. Super random. I found out later that the former owner’s parents purchased this carriage for her when she was a baby. I also stumbled across the original ad for the carriage.ad carriage 1920s

Vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Plat Monogram Tote Bag, Wallet, and Checkbook CoverIMG_3541After six hours of tossing/boxing items up I was barely making a dent in the massive piles of stuff. Frustrated and digging through a dresser of purses I began to wonder what I was thinking agreeing to take all of this stuff. That was when I found this gem at the bottom of the drawer. All of this junk…totally worth it.


2 thoughts on “Picking for Smalls- Part I

  1. Great post! I love old homes and am excited to follow what you discover next. Are you going to frame some of the Nat Geo magazines? They are fantastic!

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