Brightening the Basement

It has rained for 14 days straight in Baltimore, and finally the sun came out this weekend. I took advantage of the nice weather to tidy up the garden a bit. It was already overgrown, and the massive amounts of rain did not help the situation. The garden really needs a complete overhaul (what in this house doesn’t?), but at the moment my main priority is clearing out the house.

The walkway was covered by wet leaves and ivy, and you couldn’t get to the backdoor without getting smacked in the face by plants and branches. I also had to park on the street because the parking pad was overgrown. After two hours of chopping, pulling, and raking I had cleared the walkway and parking pad. I sprayed the alley and most of the patio with weed killer, only for it to start raining again shortly after.



Restore had five gallons of white paint on sale for $45, which is dirt cheap. I’ve never purchased their paint before so I wasn’t sure if the quality was any good. I decided it would be perfect to test out on the basement. There is very little light in the basement, and the gray walls make it quite dark and dingy. Painting it white would help brighten up the large space.


Turns out you get what you pay for. The paint had a watery consistency and didn’t have great coverage. I wouldn’t use this paint on the rest of the house, but it’s better than nothing and was still quite cheap. I was able to paint the entire basement using only half of the paint and I’ll use the rest for a second coat; although, I probably wouldn’t need a second coat had I used a better quality paint.

I would have taken add’l photos, but the basement has not been cleaned out and most of the walls are not visible over the mountains of stuff.



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