One Man’s Trash…

In addition to purchasing the house as is, I also agreed to take all of the stuff left behind. Much of it is trash. I now own over 15 different types of chairs, none of which are part of a set, numerous empty glass bottles, and more newspaper clippings then I care to count.



It’s not all trash though. In fact, a lot of it is pretty amazing. The original mantelpiece was just sitting in a dark corner of the basement. It’s cracked in half and peeling terribly, but repairable. There are several elegant pieces of Eastlake furniture that were left behind. A large mahogany table with beautiful and elaborate leg carvings, a 1959 European vintage radio, and countless works of art just to name a few things. Walking through this house it’s like I’ve stepped back in time, there are so many vintage items and décor!


I can’t start renovations until I can actually move around, and the challenge is going through and getting everything out. I absolutely love this old stuff, so of course I have to stop and research the history of everything I find. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sure to post some of the items I come across.


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