Home Sweet Home

When I purchased the house I agreed to buy it as is, well aware everything down to the electrical work would need an upgrade. I took note of the water stains on the walls, cracked ceilings, windows that needed to be replaced, and roof in need of repair. The kitchen had three different types of cabinets, part of the drop ceiling was missing, and appliances so dated that I immediately decided it needed to be gutted. Oh, and there was no air conditioning.
damageThe house had been vacant for five years and the previous owner had left everything behind. The place was packed with stuff, so much so, I had to move furniture around to walk through the house. I signed the contract of sale and crossed my fingers I wouldn’t find any major and expensive surprises waiting for me.

Clearly I have terrible luck, as two weeks before closing my termite inspector notified me that there were active termites in the house. Since this was an as is sale I had to deal with the problem.

I’m a Googler. I Google everything. This is not necessarily a good thing. Anyone who has ever Googled to diagnose a health problem knows that even a simple cough, or any symptom really, somehow winds up being “cancer.” Queue paranoid and dramatic freak out. So not knowing anything about termites I researched and researched and researched. Of course this led to imagining the worst, and by the time the termite company came to inspect and spray I was convinced the house was going to collapse from five years of neglected termite damage.

There was a swarm under the linoleum floor in the kitchen, and after moving more stuff around I also found damage to a section of the dining room floor. There was only evidence of termites at the back of the house, but I had the entire house sprayed. With the permission of the current owner, we cut out a portion of the kitchen floor to gain better access to the termites. The termite company spent an entire day working at the house. They reported that there was no structural damage done and minimal damage overall. YAY! Huge sigh of relief.

At that moment I realized that I didn’t even own the place yet and it was already costing me money. Great…


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